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Aramid Fabric Dust Filter Bag Anti - Abrasion Suitable Design 550gsm Round Shape

Aramid Fabric Dust Filter Bag Anti - Abrasion Suitable Design 550gsm Round Shape

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    dust collector filter bags


    dust extractor filter bags

  • Filter Name
    High Temperature P84+Nomex/Aramid Fabric+glassfiber Dust Filter Bag
  • Product Application
    High Temperature Cement Industry
  • Product Name
    PTFE Dust Collector Filtration Bag
  • Feature
    High Filtration Accuracy Anti-static Anti-acid And Alkal Anti-abrasion
  • Width
    Max 2.2m
  • Shape
  • Working Temperature
    Working Temperature
  • Normal Weight
    500gsm, 550gsm And 700gsm
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Poly Bag
  • Delivery Time
    around 3weeks upon receipt signed&stamped PO
  • Payment Terms
    T/T (negotiation)
  • Supply Ability
    around 300000pcs per year

Aramid Fabric Dust Filter Bag Anti - Abrasion Suitable Design 550gsm Round Shape

High temperature P84+Nomex/Aramid fabric+glassfiber dust filter bag Description:
Structure: fiberglass dust filter bag fiberglass dust filter bag
filter bag are composed by woven filter material bag body, snap ring, clamp, chain hoist, etc. The rest of the filter bag dust collector and its accessories are the venturi tube, frame, mouth of elastic ring, etc.

Specifications fiberglass dust filter bag

​The diameter of the filter bag is 115-200mm, length is 2000 - 9000mm, the specifications of the commonly used filter bag is 120 - 160 mm diameter, 2000 ~ 6000mm length.


Fiberglass dust filter bag

The oval, flat, envelope and support ring types of filter bag, please be sure to enquiry for us engineer. We'd like to provide the most suitable design and filtration material select suggestion for your reference.

Dust filter bag frglass dust filter bag bag

Product Type:
Filter bag
Fabric Type:
Waterproof/Antistaic/Easy clear
As your request
Delivery time:
As your request


For Chemical Industry fiberglass dust filter bag

Our filter bag for the chemical industry are offered as thorough solutions. This means you will receive expert support not only filter bag design, but also how to optimize the flow parameters of your system to get the absolute best productivity. This process-specific product design and applications engineering approach has proven to be the lowest risk way to optimize your system's performance.

fiberglass dust filter bag

For Cement Industry

We know that the cement producer all over the world need high-performance filter media for kiln/mill, alkali, and other pulse jet or reverse baghouse. Our filter Bags provide emissions control, production increases and the lowest overall maintenance and operating costs.


​For Power station and Incineration Industry


With PTFE membrane, our filter bags provide near zero emissions for waste processing and power station boiler. Whether you use standard or low grade coals, wood or tires in your boiler, or operate a chemical, hazardous, or medical waste incinerator, all we can deliver consistently high airflow over the life of the filter bags for your application.

bag structure should meet the requirement of filtration and dust collecting in the corresponding baghouse. at the same time, it should be easy to install, have good sealing while having relevant filtration area and condition.

The selection of filter bag matieral working conditionmust be used in the full understanding and filter under the condition of technical conditions.

* Fillter material performance should meet the production conditions and the general situation of the dust collectionprocessingand special requirements
* choose long service life filter materialas far as possible.Not onlyfor saving operational costs, but alsomeet the requirements of gas emissions standards.
* To deal with all kinds of filter material comprehensive comparison.

High temperature P84+Nomex/Aramid fabric+glassfiber dust filter bag ​Show:

Aramid Fabric Dust Filter Bag Anti - Abrasion Suitable Design 550gsm Round Shape 0Aramid Fabric Dust Filter Bag Anti - Abrasion Suitable Design 550gsm Round Shape 1