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325×660 Threaded Pipe Thread Dn50 Dust Filter Cartridge

325×660 Threaded Pipe Thread Dn50 Dust Filter Cartridge

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    325×660 dust filter cartridge


    DN50 dust filter cartridge


    threaded cap dust filter cartridge

  • Efficiency
  • Material
  • Installation
    Side Loading
  • InnerCore
    Galvanized Mesh
  • Design
    Easy To Replace
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    Dust filter cartridge
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Inner poly bag,Outer cartons
  • Delivery Time
    around 2 weeks upon receipt signed&stamped PO
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  • Supply Ability
    around 30000pcs per year

325×660 Threaded Pipe Thread Dn50 Dust Filter Cartridge

0.5,Custom threaded cap, dust filter cartridge

1. The filter material is selected from domestic and imported coated polyester non-woven fabrics (can be used for oil-proof, waterproof, anti-static, flame-retardant treatment), polyester long fiber filter paper, glass fiber filter material, etc., adopting international advanced wide pleat discount technology , The gap is even.

2. The internal and external protective net and internal filter material use the international advanced automatic screw casting machine glue fixing technology (or fastening belt fixing) to ensure that the processing air volume and filter area of ​​the filter cartridge are uniform and facilitate the electromagnetic pulse valve to blow back and clean
3. The internal and external support and protection frameworks are made of punched stainless steel plates with high strength and good corrosion resistance above 5mm. The strong support can prevent the filter cartridge from being blown and exploded.
4. The connection between the filter cartridge and the sliding plate is sealed with a low-hardness and high-strength foam seal to ensure no dust leakage, and the filtration accuracy can reach 99.9%;
5. The end caps at both ends of the filter cartridge are stamped from anti-rust steel plates with a thickness of more than 8mm (not easy to deform). The end cap and the filter material are bonded by special polyurethane foam glue (to ensure that the end cap and the filter material are tightly connected and seamless )

6. Easy installation and maintenance, long service life.

7. General specifications of filter cartridge: (325×660, 325×600, 325×705, 325×750, 350×660, 350×600, 350×705 350×900, 510×900, 408×660, 150× 1000, 152×902, 350×1320, 178×2000), etc., or according to customer needs or provide drawings and samples for processing and production.
8. The filter cartridge is all-through/one end is sealed/installed in the middle hole (14-17mm).
9. Performance characteristics
It has acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong professional performance, large filtration area, oil and water resistance, high filtration efficiency, large air volume, high strength, large tensile force, strong wear resistance, high filtration accuracy, low running resistance, and low friction coefficient , Strong non-stick powder performance, good moisture and moisture resistance, can be washed repeatedly, and improve the quality and output of powder materials.
10. Application field
Sand blasting, sanding and rust removal, painting, metal smelting, industrial dust collectors, cement, steel plants, thermoelectricity, air conditioning, metallurgical casting, batteries, packaging, carbon black dust, powder industry, rubber powder filtration, glass , Chemical industry, electrostatic industry, welding flue gas, container, shipbuilding, abrasive granulation, sand suction dust collector, air compression station, aluminum plant, material transportation, steel plate pretreatment, warehouse roof dust removal, etc.


S/N OD(mm) ID(mm) Filtration area(sqm) of HL Series

Filtration area(sqm) of

CE Series

Filter Media
1 180 98 3.5-6.0 6.9 Cellulose;
Domestic cellulose;
Cellulose substrate with PTFE coating;
Water&oil repellent treatment spunbonded polyerster;
Fluorine resin processing spunbonded polyester;
Spunbonded polyester;
Anti-static spunbonded polyester


product name
stainless steel V band clamp/filter clamp/split clamp
According to customers requirements
carbon steel, stainless steel , as per customer's requirements.
plastic bag inside and standard carton, pallet. According to client's demand
payment ways
T/T, L/C,Western Union




325×660 Threaded Pipe Thread Dn50 Dust Filter Cartridge 0