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Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile Asphalt Industry , Nylon Filter Bag Cement Baghouse

Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile Asphalt Industry , Nylon Filter Bag Cement Baghouse

  • High Light

    dust collector bags


    dust collector filter bags

  • Diameter
    115 - 200 Mm
  • Material
  • Filtration Direction
    Surface Filter
  • Standard Finish Options
    Heat Set, Singed, Glazed
  • Dust Cleaning Type
    Pulse Jet Clean
  • Length
    2000 - 9000mm
  • Working Temperature
    130 - 260 Degree
  • ProProduction Name
    Dust Filter Bag
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Poly Bag
  • Delivery Time
    around 3weeks upon receipt signed&stamped PO
  • Payment Terms
    T/T (negotiation)
  • Supply Ability
    around 300000pcs per year

Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile Asphalt Industry , Nylon Filter Bag Cement Baghouse

Asphalt industry homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile Acrylic filterbag ​​

The acrylic material nature and the felt after treatment

Homopolymer Polyacrylonitrile Needle felt (Acrylic)

Construction =Needle Felt
Fiber Composition = Acrylic fiber 100%
Scrim Composition= Acrylic yarn

Felt Area Weight = 500 g/m2
Thickness = 1.9mm

Density = 1.14 – 1.18g/cm3
Mean Air Permeability = 10 m3/m2min @12.7H2O (+/- 5%)
Breaking Strength- Warp=>800 N/5cm X 20cm
Breaking Strength- Weft= >1300 N/ 5cm X 20cm
Breaking Elongation - warp=<25%
Breaking Elongation -weft=<25%

Operating Temperature = 140 deg.C
Recommended Maximum Continues =140 - 160 deg.C
Recommended Maximum Surge = 160 deg.C

Chemistryacid resistance : good than its alkali resistance

Chemistry alkaliresistance : good

Hydrolyze stability: very good

Good resistance for sunlight and atmosphere

Finnish : Heat setting, burn or coating

Dust filter bag

500gsm polyester filter felt
Needle felt
Fibre Composition
Scrim Composition
Felt Area Weight
Mean Air Permeability
14-16 m3/m2/min 12.7mmH2O
Breaking Strength-MD(warp)
900 N / 5cm
Breaking Strength-CMD(weft)
1300 N / 5cm
Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-MD(warp)
Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-CMD(weft)
Dry Shrinkage MD(130℃warp)
Dry Shrinkage CMD(130℃weft)
<1.5 %
Operating Temperatures
<130 deg C
Recommended Maximum Continuous
150deg C
Recommended Maximum Surge
150deg C
Heat set, singed, calendared

Filter bag processing need attention


Filter bag is the core of the dust filter components. The filter bag has the strict requirements on design, filter material cutting, woven technology etc. These requirements are very important for the normal operation of the bag filter and convenient maintenance, and it is great significance to enlong the service life of the filter bag.


Structure and application

Filter bag are composed by woven filter material bag body and supported in role, snap ring, clamp, chain hoist, etc. The rest of the filter bag dust collector and its accessories are the venturi tube, frame, mouth of elastic ring, etc.



The diameter of the filter bag is 115-200mm, length is 2000 - 9000mm, the specifications of the commonly used filter bag is 120 - 160 mm diameter, 2000 ~ 6000mm length.

Filter bag processing matters that should be paid attention:
After the selection of filter bag material and determine the specifications of the filter bag, we will process the filter bag as following attention matters:

(1) Precise design required size of the filter cloth for filter bag parts, the filter cloth will larger than the actual amount design size, to leave a spare for weaving.

(2) To choose the right filter bag accessories, specifications and check its quality. The filter bag accessories should match the filter bag quality requirements.


(3) We make the filter bag line drawing, cutting, sewing on automatic production line. When the filter bag need manual processing, we will open it on the operation platform, and with certain pulling force to keep it is flat.

(4) We keep the strict processing quality standards, according to design drawings and operation process. Our worker meet the requirements of tooling and clothing shoes and hats, no smoking.


(5) We have the responsible for the processing of products, and examines, waste, residue, defective goods in the beginning.
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