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0.4μM Gas Turbine 1510cfm F8 Air Inlet Filters

0.4μM Gas Turbine 1510cfm F8 Air Inlet Filters

  • High Light

    1510cfm air inlet filters


    f8 air inlet filters


    0.4μm air inlet filters

  • Filter Cartridge Name
    Gas Turbine Filters
  • Average Flow
    1510 - 1880cfm
  • Class Of Filtration
  • Efficiency
    90-95% (ashrae 52.2 - Average Efficiency En-779) For Particles Of 0.4 μm
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Inner poly bag,Outer cartons
  • Delivery Time
    around 2 weeks upon receipt signed&stamped PO
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    Around 30000pcs Per year

0.4μM Gas Turbine 1510cfm F8 Air Inlet Filters

gas turbine flame retardant filter
2, the use of air filter composite fiber filter paper, filter effect, wide pleated design, uniform pleat, ventilation.
3, electroplating anti-fingerprint and spray end caps, diamond inner and outer net skeleton, not easy to rust, high penetration rate.
4, the preferred natural rubber seal ring closed neoprene seal can be customized silicone odorless food-grade materials.
5, the scope of application: air compressor air entry, oxygen station, precipitator, power generation, mining, compressor equipment, gas turbines, sand blasting, dust coal dust, dust and dust cigarette industry and other industries effectively control the degree of contamination of the working medium , Covering a wide range of industrial areas. 
• Filter cartridge structure and its characteristics
• Rigid filter packs in a folded and evenly distributed arrangement to minimize the volume and maximize the filtration area effect.
• Filtration efficiency: 0.5μm or more particle size dust collection capacity of 99.9%.
• Before putting the equipment into operation, check whether the fan on the equipment is running normally, there is no abnormal noise or bad condition, otherwise it should be shut down for repair. Check the electromagnetic pulse valve is working properly, the compressed air is at 0.5 ~ 0.7MPa, or to be adjusted.
Pulse automatic cleaning adjustment. Read the manual pulse controller instructions to adjust the pulse interval, pulse width, pulse interval adjustment depending on the size of dust, the general situation can be set at about 10 seconds, the pulse width can be set at 0.1 seconds 




* part number OEM.

* size and structure OEM.

What is the material of our product?

* national filtering materials: oil paper/fiberglass/stainless steel mesh / 304 all-steel mesh,

* imported filter material: glass fiber imported from HV company in the United States. Paper imported from Korea.

* cover material: carbon steel and stainless steel and aluminum and processing.

What is the warranty: 1 year?

Our warranty period is one year, which means the correct installation and normal conditions of use. If our goods meet any quality problems, we will remanufacture for you again.

0.4μM Gas Turbine 1510cfm F8 Air Inlet Filters 0